2nd Call for FSA steward nominations

We would like to thank all who responded to our last call for Steward nominations. We’d like to congratulate the following members who were acclaimed:

Bosu Seo – Faculty of Arts
Bob McAuliffe – Faculty of Health Sciences
Pedro Montoya Pelaez – Faculty of Science
Colleen Bell – Academic Support Faculty
Bob McAuliffe – Faculty of Access & Continuing Education
Leah Carr – Staff member at large
Laura Crawford – Staff member at large
Heather Compeau – Staff member at large
Bob McAuliffe – Staff member at large

Remaining vacancies

The Faculty and Staff Association is sending out a 2nd call for nominations for two faculty vacancies and one staff vacancy.

The role of the stewards in the FSA is an important one. We are grateful to the stewards who have served the FSA and their colleagues in the past; their work has been invaluable.

Stewards serve as contacts for union members who have questions or concerns regarding their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Agreement. They work closely with contract administrators to make certain that issues are brought forward appropriately. Stewards are elected for one year, with the option to renew for a second year. Stewards do not hold an executive office but may attend executive meetings with a voice, but no vote.

A two-sided nomination form which includes an outline of the role and compensation for stewards is available on the FSA website here. Nominate a member of your choice using this form and return it to the FSA office in Abbotsford (Room B377) no later than 4 pm, Monday, February 19, 2018. If necessary, elections will be held by electronic vote.

This is an excellent way for you to become involved, to learn more about the Collective Agreement, and to receive training which will be valuable to you in other roles at UFV.

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