Bargaining Update #14 – Ratification Vote Instructions

A bulletin titled ‘Bargaining Update #14 – Ratification Vote Instructions’ has been sent out this morning. Please refer to Discourseyour external email, or the FSA Bargaining page of the FSA website for details!

Please be aware, we are providing bulletin updates through our Discourse forum, and for those of you who have provided us with an external email through the Member Personal Contact Survey, we have been sending you emails to that account as well. These emails are coming from a contact management system called Constant Contact. If you are having issues receiving these emails, you may need to add ( to your whitelist. Check with your service provider on how to do this. If you have not yet filled out the personal contact survey, a reminder invite has been sent to your UFV email account.  

In Solidarity,

Colleen Bell, Chief Negotiator, on behalf of the FSA Executive

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