Updates From Your Chief Negotiator and Photo Contest

Dear Members,

Joint Committees
As part of the recently ratified collective agreement, we have agreed to four joint committees (or, perhaps more accurately, task forces): review of class sizes, staff performance evaluation process and growth plan pilot project, review of sessional and LTA faculty compensation, and employment equity for Aboriginal people.

We are working on identifying association representatives on each of these committees, and we expect to get moving on these committees soon.
We are also continuing our work on revising guidelines for the tenure and promotion process. We’re hopeful we can complete this work shortly.

Performance Evaluations
The FSA is currently negotiating a variance to the collective agreement on performance evaluations, effective through April 30, 2021. The FSA’s response to the employer’s initial proposal is now in the employer’s hands, and we’re just waiting to hear back from them.

The variance addresses performance evaluations for both probationary and post-probationary employees, as well as teaching faculty applying for tenure and/or promotion. Once we have an agreement in place, we’ll share the details.

We know that for faculty, especially, evaluations are dependent on the academic semester, and that there are certain requirements that must take place while you are teaching. One of the most challenging aspect in a remote learning environment is, of course, the classroom observation. We are working on ironing out this and several other details, and as soon as we have an agreement in place, we will share those details with you. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific at this point.

Implementation of New IT Salary Scale
Human Resources is currently working on reviewing and revising position descriptions for the affected positions in ITS (those at Pay Group 10 and higher on the Staff Salary Scale); this work will hopefully be completed in October. Once the job descriptions have been reviewed and revised, HR will meet with FSA representatives to match these positions with the positions on the new IT salary scale. Once that is complete, affected IT employees will move over to the new salary scale, and they should receive any retroactive pay that is associated with this move.
We need your help filling our new website with photos. We are looking for high-resolution photos of the following categories…

UFV campuses (indoor/outdoor)
Colleagues (posed and candid)

Winners chosen will receive a $15 gift card! Please send your photo submissions to admin@ufv-fsa.ca. Thank you for participating! Contest closes Oct 9th.
In Solidarity,
Colleen Bell, Chief Negotiator, on behalf of the FSA Executive

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