About Us

The UFV Faculty and Staff Association (FSA) has been the official collective bargaining agent for university employees at this institution since 1977.

The FSA negotiates and administers the Collective Agreement (often referred to as “the contract”), monitors and seeks to influence internal university governance, and, in conjunction with our partner associations in other colleges and universities in B.C., lobbies the provincial and federal governments on matters which affect universities and students’ education.

Our objectives are set out in our Constitution:

  • To promote and protect the welfare and professional interests of the association membership in the university.
  • To assist in protecting and enhancing the freedom and quality of teaching, thought and inquiry within the university.
  • To co-operate with other bodies whose interests are similar.
  • To deal with other matters considered to be in the interest of the association, its members and the university.
  • To promote a harmonious relationship with the administration and university board.

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