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Welcome members

You will notice that our website features a new look. We have reorganized and updated the content, and added new interactive capability. As you browse through, look for some new features.

Our Discussion Forum is brand new—we hope that it will be a place of vibrant discussions and constructive debates over the many important issues that now confront our union. You will be asked to register and sign in to access it; only signed-in members will see the comments. We feel that it is important to give ourselves a private and secure (password protected) yet easily accessible space to exchange views. To start a new discussion thread, just email the FSA editor and we’ll post it.

A simple code of conduct guides our participation in on-line discussion: our conversations must respect basic rules of civility (e.g., avoid abusive language, personal attacks, and violation of privacy) and be suited to a professional environment. We do not allow anonymous posts.

Another new section of the website is Current Issues. The purpose here is to provide a repository of material related to issues that are of particular importance at the present time. As with the Discussion Forum, the content will evolve as new issues arise and are (we hope) settled. If you would like to see a particular topic featured in this section of the website, please let us know. We will be adding content on the pension plan very soon. Information on bargaining is, for obvious reasons, behind closed doors (just sign in to enter).

We have also adopted an improved format for our newsletter, Words and Vision. It will be published electronically which will allow us to link articles to relevant sections of the website (including News and Events, an improved Calendar, and the Discussion Forum). Readers will be able to reply to specific articles as well. We will continue to print a limited number of copies for members who prefer a paper edition of the newsletter. An email announcement will be sent when a new issue is published.

Another “new and improved” feature is the Collective Agreement, which is now accessible by Articles. (The fully searchable PDF version is still available as well.)

The share of our budget (your fees) allocated for this improvement to the website was fairly modest. Our goal was to improve access to information and create a dynamic forum for exchange of ideas. We are aware that both are works in progress. As we continue to add to, review and edit what is now available, please let us know how we can serve you better. If you notice errors or omissions, or if you just like what you see, please contact FSA Editor or reply to the first topic in our Discussion Forum.

Happy browsing!

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