Election results for JPDC Staff Representative

Sent on behalf of Michael Maschek, FSA secretary treasurer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We would like to thank the candidates for their willingness to put their names forward for the staff representative position on the Joint Professional Development committee, and to serve on behalf of the membership. The results of the votes are as follows: Joint Professional Development committee In total 240 votes were cast, of which 0 votes were spoiled. Lisa Matty - Read more [...]

November 2018 Words & Vision newsletter now online

The November 2018 edition of Words & Vision is now available on the FSA website at http://www.ufv-fsa.ca/words-vision/. Print copies will be made available later this week. Remember to check in with Discourse to continue the discussion on Words & Vision articles and other topics. Sign up with your UFV email address here: http://forum.ufv-fsa.ca/. For an introduction, see these Discourse basics: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-basics/39104. For a mostly generic video, see this: Read more [...]

2018 Election of JPDC committee position

Hello all FSA members, In response to a call for nominations sent out for the Joint Professional Development committee, the following nominations were received. Please note there will be one (1) election required: Two (2) Teaching Faculty representatives – two (2) nominations were received: Gabriela Pechlaner – ACCLAIMED Amanda McCormick – ACCLAIMED One (1) Academic Support Faculty representative – one (1) nomination was received: Kulwant Gill – ACCLAIMED One (1) Staff Read more [...]

Call for nominations to the JPDC committee

To all FSA members: The FSA is seeking nominations to fill vacancies on the Joint Professional Development committee (JPDC). This joint committee is responsible for the administration and allocation of the Professional Development Fund. The JPDC will set the institution-wide criteria for professional development and resolve questions and concerns arising from applications for professional development. The committee is putting out a call to fill the following four (4) positions: Two (2) vacant Read more [...]

Call for FSA steward nominations

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2018 To all FSA members: The Faculty and Staff Association needs both faculty and staff stewards to fill vacant positions. The role of the stewards in the FSA is an important one. We are grateful to the stewards who have served the FSA and their colleagues in the past; their work has been invaluable. Stewards serve as contacts for union members who have questions or concerns regarding their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Agreement. They work closely Read more [...]