Have a Problem?

Many problems can be avoided altogether or resolved relatively easily and informally if action is taken quickly. The FSA is here to advise you as to how you–or we–might address your concerns. The Collective Agreement sets out specific timelines for the grievance process, so if action in the form of a grievance is required it must be timely.

Read your Collective Agreement
It is important to know your responsibilities and rights. Many of the questions that get asked could be easily answered by referring to the Collective Agreement. But if you are not sure how it applies in your case, the FSA is here to answer your questions and offer advice.

Consult us before responding–the sooner the better!
Most of the time concerns or disputes are settled quickly and informally; however, the contract administrators, in consultation with the FSA executive, are prepared to lodge formal grievance procedures when necessary to protect your rights.

Consult a contract administrator or steward before you respond to a verbal or written communication from the employer concerning your terms, conditions, or rights of employment. This includes disciplinary letters or verbal reprimands; and denial of access to benefits, leaves, or other rights to which you feel you are entitled.

Frequently, resolutions involve putting something in writing, such as a letter to a supervisor, department head or dean. If this route seems appropriate, we strongly advise you to show us a draft of any such communication. These letters are important and their success or failure (that is, whether they accomplish what you want) depends upon their wording. Angry letters, while undoubtedly cathartic, are almost never productive. We can help you make it more effective.

We can also guide you through the appeal process.


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