Steward Program

The role of your stewards
The steward is the face of the union—the visible presence of the union in the workplace. They are members who receive special training to help and interact with other union members who face workplace issues.

Stewards assist the contract administrators (chief stewards) in interpreting the Collective Agreement and protecting members’ rights.

Click here for a list of current stewards.

Term of office
Stewards are elected to represent specific areas for a period of one year, with the option to renew for a second year with the approval of the executive. Stewards do not hold an executive office but may attend executive meetings with a voice but no vote.


  1. Respond to inquiries from fellow members about their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Agreement.
  2. Represent fellow members under the guidance of the relevant contract administrator.
  3. Be informed of official union policy and be prepared to answer members’ questions under the guidance of the relevant contract administrator.
  4. Identify emerging issues and/or possible contract violations and report them to the contract administrators.
  5. Promote union consciousness and values in the workplace.
  6. Meet with the contract administrators as required.
  7. Prepare preliminary “case” documents for the contract administrators and/or the FSA executive.
  8. Act as an advocate—“helpful friend”—to those involved in informal and formal grievance procedures.

Stewards are required to participate in a short training workshop with respect to the Collective Agreement, the role of the steward in contract administration, and what to do when approached by a colleague with questions. This workshop is conducted annually. In addition, the FSA may provide other workshops on topics of interests to stewards from time to time.

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