Steward Nominations & Elections

November 2019
Call for Steward Nominations

Thank you to all who responded to our call for nominations for stewards. Results are as follows:

Faculty Steward reps:
ACCLAIMED: Faculty of Arts: BOSU SEO (nominator: Albert Kim)
ACCLAIMED: Faculty of Applied & Technical Studies: RODNEY SMITH (nominator: Mark Ryan)
ACCLAIMED: Faculty of Professional Studies: SIMON LUKE (nominator: Malaka Walpola)

Staff Steward reps:
ACCLAIMED: Staff Steward Representing Abbotsford and Mission campuses: EMILY EGLSAER (nominator: Janelle Blackman)
ACCLAIMED: Staff Steward – Member at Large: CECELIA DIRKSEN (nominator: Nicole Kungle)
SO JEON (nominator: Sherry Rempel) – nomination withdrawn.
Staff Steward representing CEP and TTC campuses: POSITION REMAINS VACANT

If you have any questions about nomination procedures for this position, contact Michael Maschek, the returning officer [secretary treasurer], at local 4135 or by email at

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