Labour News outside of BC

The rights of workers in the public and post-secondary sectors are under assault in several jurisdictions, in Canada and in the United States. We will use this page to keep track of recent developments.

Chronicle Vitae: Where in the World Are the Adjunct Unions?

Ontario Federation of Labour: New Tool: Interactive map documents job losses that would be caused by Hudak’s 100,000 public sector job cuts:

Ontario Federation of Labour: New research reveals devastating city-by-city impacts of Hudak’s 100,000 job cuts:

Ontario Federation of Labour: Hudak’s public sector layoffs would push Ontario to 9.7% unemployment levels and drive province into recession:

CBC News: Tim Hudak would cut 100,000 public sector jobs if Tories win Ontario election:

CBC News: Canada sheds 29,000 jobs in April:

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC): CLC slams draconian legislation in Nova Scotia: Georgetti says move against nurses will poison the workplace:

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC): Yes, Mr. Hudak, unions do benefit Ontario:

Ontario Federation of Labour: Sid Ryan Op-Ed: Young People in Ontario Shouldn’t Have to Work For Less (Huffington Post, March 31, 2014):

Ontario Federation of Labour: Ontario workers bring campaign to stop Tim Hudak to Toronto with Thursday’s urgent all union meeting:

Ontario Federation of Labour Op-Ed: Toronto Star: Tim Hudak’s low-wage agenda is hiding in plain sight:

Ontario Federation of Labour: Statement on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2014: Women join the fight against Hudak’s low-wage agenda:

New Brunswick Federation of Labour: International Women’s Week: Pay inequity, child care strategy and high rates of violence against women and girls:

Ontario Federation of Labour: Rally for $14 minimum wage in heart of Toronto retail sector:

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