The FSA is local 7 of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE).

 FPSE Standing Committees FSA Representative
 Bargaining Coordination (BCC) Sean Parkinson/Colleen Bell
 Contract Administration Review (CARC) Colleen Bell/Vicki Bolan
 Disability Management & Rehabilitation (DMRC) Noham Weinberg
 Education Policy (EPC) Christina Neigel
 Human Rights & International Solidarity (HRISC) Kulwant Gill
 Non-Regular Employees (NRFC) Mike Solyom
 Pension Advisory (PAC) Norm Taylor
 Professional & Scholarly Development (PSDC) Margaret Nickelchok
 Status of Women (SWC) Anastasia Anderson
 Workplace Health, Safety & Environment (WHSEC) Noham Weinberg

Standing Committee Reports

FPSE Standing Committees meet at least twice a year in Vancouver, normally in the fall and spring, and may also participate in the Spring Conference held every February. See the FPSE website for information about all standing committees, including terms of reference, members, projects, and meeting schedules.

FPSE AGM and Conference Reports

The AGM is held annually in the second week of May. The location varies within BC.

FSA Membership in FPSE

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